Baby incubator

BB-300 Plus    BB-300 Standard    

Based on BB-300 Top Grade,add
-8'color LED Touch Screen
-Weighting scale
-SpO2 Function
-double skin sensors
-Set temperature, air temperature,baby skin temperatre,humidity,oxygen  concentration SpO2 and heating power are displayed separately on LCD
-Optional:X-ray tray,electric elevator,CCD camera,LED phototherapy,air and oxygen blender
-Microprocessor based servo controlled temperature system
-Control modes;Air mode and baby skin mode
-Humidity control system,oxygen concentration display system
-Set temperature,air temperature,baby skin temperature,humidity,oxygen concentration,timer and heating power are digplayed separately by LED
-integral timer to record therapy time
-Self-testing function,Multi audible and visual alarm functions
-Alarm functions:Powerr failure,over temperature,temperature deviation,fan failure,temperature sensor failure,low water level
 BB-6000 new    BB-200 Luxurious    
-Incubator and warmer work mode,serve-controlled by micro-computer,convert automatically
-Multi audible and visual alarm functions,self-testing function
-8' rotatable and movable color LCD touch screen with day&night modes
-observe light with brightness adjusttable,one tray and big drawer
-Humidity control system
-Optition function;baby weight system Electric elevator;LED phototherapy unit;Air and oxygen blender,Double wall hood.

Infant Radiant Warmer

BN-100 Top grade   BN-100 Luxurious     Hot    
-Built in low pressure aspirator
-LED phototherapy unit
-PVC infant resuscitator

-Special design inclined heater head is more convenient
for  X-ray image
-Carbon steel heater more effective
-Bigger infant bed,Electric infant bed tilt+-12
-Oxygen supply system


Infant Phototherapy unit


                      - LED bulb as phototherapy radianting elements
                     - lrradiance intensity is adjustable in 3 grades                                                            low,midium,high
                     - LCD screen display therapy time and integral                                                           time seperately
                     - Count up timer and countdown timer for exact                                                         and convenient treatment
                      - Quiet, no noise of fan
                      - The angle of head and height are adjustable
                      - Four castors with brake,aluminium alloy                                                                 support base
                      - Long life span LED bulb
                      - Using together with infant incubator,infant                                                              warmer,baby cradle

-LED blubs as phototherapy radiannt source
-Button control switch
-Equal light distribution,high intensity
-Quiet,two cooling fan,long life span
-Timer for total using time and each treamant,to prevent the bed tamperature higher
-Adopts Aluminum PCB to help element heat dissipation
-Using together with infant incubator,install under baby bed

-LED blue bulb as the radiant source,irradiating uniformly and efficient 
-Circle360 phototherapy radiantion more effectively
-Small in size,light and hight irradiation
-Two phototherapy modes; up side phototherapy and down side pholtotherapy,can be used separately

BR-100 Infant Resuscitator