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T - MAX SJ-200 Series

Adjustable Leg Section via Gas Spring
prodides two options, one-piece or two piece (spilt) design, foldable and detach-able via gas spring.
Built-in Kidney Bridge
is radiolucent and provides an additional 121 mm of lift. Can be operated at both side of back section to avoid the interference in surgical team. (Available in model "K" only)
Internal X-Ray cas-sette tunnel
permits 355mm X 431mm X-ray cassette to easily slide underneath the entire length of the radiolucent tabletop.
Battery (optional)
The Power supply also works with the DC12V. battery powered system to supply about 80-100 operations during a power ouatage by hand remote control
- Lighting 3 level color (red/orange/green)
- Lighting power ON/OFF

Manual pump
is the alternative power for all. table movements shown on the hand control when electric power is out.
Power Brake System
provides automatic floor locking and self-leveling func-tion to optimize table stability.
Foot Control
provides hand free and water-proof manipulation in tabletop up/down, Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg, and longitudinal slide toward foot/head (or lateral tillt) positioning.
Black Light Hand Control (option Flat Membrane Surface)
The one of new feature is the back-lit keypad controller which makes working in darkened MIS OR. for every Microscopy surgery or endoscopes, however, that is much more easier to operation the different visions that focal surgery of newly MIS surgical technology and E-buttom for double safety control

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