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Universal operating table

[Full Range of Table Position]


Orthopedic Traction-Fluoroscopic Operating Table
  • Desired position can be easily and rapidly adjusted through the remote control unit, which allows direct control of various functions of the operating table from a distance.
  • A stable DC12V circuitry has been adopted for the remote control system. During positioning, a double-action setting is possible to immediately adjust to a desired position.



SJ-400 Powered Multi-purpose Operating table


Table Top
1990 mm x 500 mm (including Flat head plate)
Construction material
13 mm thickness, transparent acryl
535 mm through 1015 mm
Reverse Trendelenburg
Lateral tilting
20° to both sides
Seat section
90° up and 40° down
Flat head plate
30° up and 90° down (manual)
Leg section
90° down and 50° outward (manual)
Slide range
150 mm to head side and 300 mm to leg side
Side rail
stainless steel
X-ray photography
Cassette tunnel system
Remote control
Operates with DC12V for powered functions







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